Come Day, Go Day

Liverpool (in Lancashire) has produced more than its share of ballad makers, and here is represented by Glyn Hughes and SETH DAVY, or COME DAY, GO DAY, the song of a Jamaican street entertainer who was a common sight in Liverpool at the turn of the century.

Come day, go day
     Wish in my heart for Sunday
     Drinking buttermilk all the week
     Whiskey on a Sunday.

He sat on the corner of Bebbington Bush
Beside an old packing case
And the dolls on the end of his plank went a-dancing
As he crooned with a smile on his face:

The tired old man drummed the wooden beam
His dolls, they danced the gear
A better old show as you've ever seen
At the Pivvy or the New Brighton Pier:

In 1902 old Seth Davy died
His song was heard no more
The three dancing dolls in the jowler bin ended
And the plank went to mend the back door:

But on some stormy nights down old Scotty Road way
With the wind blowing in from the sea
You can still hear the song of old Seth Davy
As he croons to his dancing dolls three:

© Golden Hind Music