The Ballad of the Cowpuncher

Genny Haley's The Ballad of the Cowpuncher struck us as a seminal example of Great American Poetry.

I am an old cowpuncher, I punch them cows so hard
I have me a cowpunching bag, set up in my back____
This bag is made of leather, and so are cows, of course
When I get tired of punching cows, I go and punch a ____

One day as I was punching upon my leathern cow
An Indian walked up to me, and first he asked me ____
I said it was quite simple, and gave him quite a slug
The very next words that the Indian said to me that day were ____

I went back to my punching, as all good cowboys do
When a well-known band of rustlers came rustling into ____
I said, Hello, how are you, and what might bring you here
They said, if it's all right we'd like to rustle up some ____

I said, oh no, kind sirs, that should never be
For I am the best cowpuncher out on the whole prair____
But if you will sit down a spell, I'll rustle up some lunch
Then maybe in the afternoon you'll get to watch me ____

I've been lonesome in the saddle ever since my old horse died
And sometimes when it's late at night, I dream she's by my ____
So if you'll pay attention and listen to my song
I am an old cowpuncher and a long, long ways from ____

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