Derwent Wassail

Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green
And here we come a-wandering, so fair to be seen:
     Love and joy come to you, and your wassail too
     God bless you all and send you all a Happy New Year
     Happy New Year, Happy New Year
     God bless you all and send you all a Happy New Year.

Our wassail bowl is made of the rosemary tree
And so is your beer of the best barley:

Call up the butler of this house, put on his golden ring
And bring us out a drop of good beer, the better we shall sing:

We are not daily beggars that beg from door to door
But we're your neighbor's children that you have seen before:

God bless the master of this house, the mistress also
And all the little children that round your table go:

We've got a little purse and it's made of leather skin
So give us a handful of your cash to line it well within:

Good master and good mistress, while you're sitting by your fire
Pray think of us poor children out a-wandering in the mire:

© Golden Hind Music