Dog and Gun

A handsome young squire near Tamworth did dwell
He courted a lady, and he loved her right well
The day was appointed for their wedding day,
And a farmer was appointed to give the bride away.

Ah, but when she saw the farmer, she thought him sheıd like to wed
So instead of getting married she went to her bed
Instead of getting married she went to her bed
And thoughts of the farmer came into her head.

Coat, waistcoat and britches this lady put on,
And then she went a-hunting with her dog and her gun.
To see this young farmer it was her intent,
So straight to his fields she so lovingly went.

Itıs oft-times she fired, ah, but nothing did she kill
Till at length this young farmer came into his fields,
To see this young farmer, it was her intent,
So straight up to him she so lovingly went.

"I thought youıd have been at the wedding," she cried,
"To wait upon the squire, and to give him his bride."
"Oh no," said the farmer, "If the truth I must tell,
I canıt give her away ıcause I want her myselı."

The lady was pleased when she heard it so bold
So she gave him a glove all embroidered with gold
She told him that she'd picked it up as she came along
As she come a-hunting with her dog and her gun.

The lady went home with a heart full of love,
Then she gave it out that she had lost her glove,
And whosoever shall find it, and bring it back to me,
I vow and declare that his bride I will be.

The farmer was pleased when he heard of the news,
So straight to the lady he so lovingly goes
He says, "Lady, dear lady, I have found your glove,
Now will you be so kind as to grant me your love."

"Oh, my loveıs already granted," the lady replies
"I love the sweet breath of the farmer," she cries,
"Iıll attend to my dairy and the milking of my cows
While my jolly young farmer goes a-whistling to plough."

Now when they'd got married she talked of the fun
How she'd hunted the farmer with her dog and her gun,
And now that I have him so fast in my snare,
Iıll love him for ever, I vow and declare.

© Golden Hind Music