The Draggletail Gypsy

There were three gypsies come to the door,
Oh, but they sang bonny-O,
One sang high and the other sang low,
And they charmed the heart of the lady-O.

Take off, take off my high-heeled shoes
Made of the Spanish leather-O,
And I'll put on my low-heeled boots
To toddle with the draggletail gypsies-O.

Late that night, when the lord came home,
Enquiring for his lady-O,
Her handmaid made this reply:
"She's gone with the draggletail gypsies-O.

Go bridle me my milk-white steed,
The black is not so speedy-O,
I rode all day, and I'll ride all night,
To overtake my lady-O.

Then he rode all of that night,
And part of the next morning-O,
Till he came to a broad river bank,
There he spied his lady-O.

How can you leave your houses and your lands?
How could you leave your money-O?
And how could you leave your new wedded lord
To toddle with the draggletail gypsies-O?

What care I for my houses and my lands?
What care I for money-O?
I don't give a fig for my new wedded lord,
I'll toddle with the draggletail gypsies-O.

Last night I slept in a warm feather bed,
Beside my husband and baby-O,
But tonight I'll lie on the cold, cold ground,
In the arms of a draggletail gypsy-O

© Golden Hind Music