The Fame of Salem

Now come all you brisk young Salem lads that have a mind to venture
On board a Yankee privateer, your precious lives to venture,
On board that Salem privateer, and she is called the Fame,
She's cruising out of Salem sound, bound for the Gulf of Maine.
     Singing, What Cheer-O, aboard the Fame of Salem,
     What Cheer-O,
          I'll tell you all the story, how they fought for fame and glory,
          Singing, What Cheer-O.

Captain Webb had not sailed many leagues before he did espy
Two lofty ships a-windward, they came bearing down so nigh,
And both of them were British ships full loaded with supplies,
Webb made them haul their colors down and took them as his prize.

Ben Chapman took the Concord, and the Scots brig Upton got,
They took those British merchantmen and never fired a shot,
They've set a course for Salem town, their two prize ships astern,
And William Webb and his company were hailed at their return.

So come all you brisk young Salem lads, to the tavern we must go,
We'll sit the ladies on our knee and let the brandy flow,
And some unto their sweethearts, and some unto their wives,
And we'll sing Hallelujah to old Salem, my brave boys.

© Golden Hind Music