A Happy New Year

Collected by Cecil Sharp from Frederick Grossman of Langport in Somerset in 1909 [#368B, p. 506 in Vol. II of Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folk Songs, Maud Karpeles (Ed.), Oxford University Press, 1974].

The old year is past and the new year is come
And all the jolly soldiers are a beating on the drun
     So and I wish you all a Happy New year, New Year, New Year
     So and I wish you all a Happy New Year

Here's a health to you in water I wish it was in wine
And all the money you have got I'm sure it's none of mine

Here's a health unto our Master and Missus likewise
And all the pretty family around the fireside

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Your pockets full of money and your barrels full of cider

© Golden Hind Music