High Barbary

Collected in 1940 from "Tink" Tillett of Roanoke Island, NC, by Frank and Anne Warner. We learned it from the singing of their sons, Jeff and Gerret Warner.

There were two ships, from old England came,
     Blow High! Blow low! And so sailed we,
One was the Queen of Russia and the other Prince of Wales,
     Cruisin' down along the coast of Barbary.

"Step aloft, step aloft," our jolly bosun cried,
"Look ahead, look astern, look a-weather'd and a-lee."

There is no ship ahead, there is no ship astern,
But there's a ship a-wind'ard, and a lofty ship is she.

Hail, hail, that lofty tall ship,
"Are you a man-of-warsman or a privateer?" said he.

"I am not a man-of-warsman nor a privateer," said he,
"But I'm a jolly pirate, a-seeking for my fee."

A broadside, a broadside along them we did lay,
Till at length the Queen of Russia shot the pirate's masts away.

"O quartcr! O quarter!" the jolly pirate cried.
"Well, the quarter I will give you, I will sink you in the tide."

Well, we tied 'em one by one, and we tied 'em two by two,
And we tied 'em three by three, and we chucked 'em in the sea.

© Golden Hind Music