Jackie Munro

From the singing of A.L. Lloyd.

Down into this country, there lived a wealthy squire,
He had an only daughter; she was charming, young and fair.
     To me tirra do way do way, oh,
     Tirra do way do way.
She had sweethearts a-plenty, to marriage were inclined
But none but John the soldier could win this lady's mind.

But when her father came to know, so angry there he swore:
"I'll give the gang ten guineas to press young John to the war."

So she robbed her wicked old father; got money at her command
And went to list in the army, dressed up like a man.

"Your waist is long and slender, your fingers fine and small,
Your cheeks too red and rosy to face a cannon ball."

"It's true my waist is slender, and my fingers fine and small,
But it wouldn't make me tremble to see ten thousand fall."

"Before you join my regiment, your name I'd like to know."
She smiled all over her face, she did, "They call me Jackie Munroe."

So she sailed all over the ocean, over the deep blue sea,
'Til she got safely landed in the wars of Germany.

And all upon the battlefield, the fought it up and down,
'Til among the dead and wounded, her darling John she found.

"They have promoted me," she said, "They have promoted me
Unto a Colonel's commission, so married we can be."

But up then spoke a general, "Such things there never can be.
It's against the laws of our country, two men should married be."

And up then and spoke the chaplain, "Such things I'll not allow!"
She drew a broadsword from her side: "I'll make this do for you!"

So now they have got married, as you may plainly know,
And John the wounded soldier's got his Colonel Jackie Munroe.

© Golden Hind Music