The Jamestown Homeward Bound

The farmer's heart with joy is filled
When his crops are good and sound;
Oh, but who can feel the wild delight
Of the sailor homeward bound?
For three long years have passed away
Since we left old freedom's shore,
Our long-felt wish has come at last
And we're homeward bound once more.
     And we're homeward bound once more.

To where the sky is clear as the maiden's eye
Who longs for our return,
To the land where milk and honey flow
And liberty was born.
So fill our sails with a favoring gale,
And with shipmates all around
And we'll give three cheers for our starry flag
And the Jamestown homeward bound.
     And the Jamestown homeward bound.

And now we have arrived in port
And stripping's our last job,
And friendly faces look around
In search of Bill or Bob.
They see that we are safe at last
From the perils of the sea,
Saying, You're welcome, Columbia's mariners,
To your homes and liberty.
     To your homes and liberty.
So fill our sails, etc.

© Golden Hind Music