Johnny Sands

Johnny Sands comes from the Kidson collection, via Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.

A man whose name was Johnny Sands
Had married Betsy Hague
And though she brought him gold and land
She proved a terrible plague:
     Whack fol-lol-la laddity
     Whack fol-lol-la lay
     Whack fol-lol-la lero-lay

For oh, she was a scolding wife
Full of caprice and whim
He said that he was tired of life
And she was tired of him:

Says he, I think I'll drown myself
The river runs below
Says she, Pray do, you silly old man
I wished it long ago:

Says he, Upon the brink I'll stand
And you run down the hill
Then push me in with all your might
She says, My love, I will:

But for fear that I should courage lack
And try to save my life
Oh, tie my hands behind my back
I will, replied his wife:

She tied them fast as you may think
And when securely done
He stood there upon the brink,
While she prepared to run:

So down the hill, his loving bride
She ran with all her force
To push him in, he stepped aside
And she fell in, of course:

It's splashing, dashing like a fish
Oh save me, Johnny Sands!
I can't, my dear, though much I wish
For you have tied my hands:

© Golden Hind Music