We are indebted to Nym Cooke's invaluable compilation, Awake to Joy: Christmas Carols for Part-Singing, (Lyme, NH: Toad Hill Music Engraving for the Compiler, 1995) both for Timothy Swan's setting of "London" (from his New England Harmony, Northampton, MA, 1801) and for his suggestion that Swan may have based the text on the first verse of William Billings' "Shiloh," (also in Awake to Joy) from which we took a second verse.

Methinks I hear the heav'ns resound
And all the Earth exulting ring
To usher in this glorious day
And hail the spotless infant King

Methinks I see a heavínly host
Of angels dancing on the wing
Methinks I hear their cheerful notes
So merrily they dance and sing

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