The Maid on the Shore

Our version of this jolly little tale, one much better preserved in the northeast of America than in Britain, comes from Etson Van Wagner of Roscoe, NY, via Norman Cazden's Abelard Song Book.

There once was a fair maid I dearly adored,
Her beauty, it did shine clear, 0,
And all she could find for to ease her sad mind
Was to wander alone on the shore ,0 shore,
     Was to wander alone on the shore.

And there was a sea-captain who ploughed the salt seas,
He had sailed the salt seas all around, 0,
This beautiful maiden he chanced for to spy,
"Don't I wish that I had her on board."

The steward, he ran and he loweredthe boat,
And quickly he rowed it to shore, 0,
And these were the very first wordshe did say:
"Fair maid, won't you venture on board?"

By coaxing, persuading, she entered the boat,
And quickly he rowed her on board, 0,
Our captain, he smiled and spat out his chew,
Saying, "Fare you well, sorrow and care."

The captain, he poured out the richeri wine
That sparkles so bright and so clear, 0,
Saying, "First you will lie in my arms all this night,
And then I'll hand you to my crew."

"Oh, thank you, oh, thank you," this maiden replied,
"That's just what I've been waiting for, 0.,
For I've grown so weary of my maidenhead
As I wander alone on the shore."

She sat herself down in the stern of the ship,
Her voice was so fair and so clear, 0,
She sang them so sweet, so neat and complete,
She sang captain and sailors to sleep.

She robbed them of silver, she robbed them of gold,
She robbed them of costly a-ware, 0,
Our captain's bright sword she used for an oar,
To row herself back to the shore.

"Oh, were my men crazy, or were they all drunk,
Or were they sunk deep in despair, 0?
To see her get away with her beauty so gay,
Don't I wish that I had her once more."

And yonder she stands, all alone on thes trand,
A-waving her handkerchief fair, 0,
Saying, "You are the captain that sails the salt seas,
And I'm still a maid on the shore, 0 shore,
     And I am the maid on the shore.

© Golden Hind Music