The Merchant's Carol

As we rode down the steep hillside
Twelve merchants with our fairing
A shout across the hollow land
Came loud upon our hearing
A shout, a song, a thousand strong
A thousand lusty voices
Make haste, said I, I know not why
Jerusalem rejoices.

As through the olives fast we rode
And louder came the shouting
Oh, such a noise must mean, said we
A king beyond all doubting
Spurred on, did we, the king to see
And left the mules to follow
Nearer, clearer rang the noise
Along the Kidron hollow.

Behold, a many-coloured crowd
About the gate we found there
But one among them all we marked,
A man who made no sound there
Still louder ever rose the crowd's
Hosanna in the highest
O King, thought I, I know not why
In all this joy thou sighest.

Then he looked up, he looked at me;
But whether he spoke I doubted
How could I hear so calm a speech
While all the rabble shouted?
And yet these words, it seems, I heard
I shall be crowned tomorrow
It filled my heart with sudden smart
And filled my bones with sorrow.

We followed far, we traded not
But long we couldn't find him
The very folk that called him king
Let robbers go and bind him
We found him then, the sport of men
Still calm among their crying
Well we knew his words were true
He was most kingly dying.

Repeat First Verse

© Golden Hind Music