My Dancing Day

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
I would my true love did so chance
To see the legend of my play
To call my true love to my dance:
     Sing, oh my love, oh my love
     This have I done for my true love

     In a manger laid and wrapped was I
So very poor, this was my chance
Betwixt an ox and a silly poor ass
To call my true love to my dance:

Into the desert I was led
I fasted there without substance
The Devil bade me make stones my bread
To have me break my true love's dance:

For thirty pence Judas me sold
His covetousness for to advance
Mark whom I kiss, the same do hold
The same is he shall lead the dance:

Then on the cross I hanged was
Where a spear to my heart did glance
There issued forth both water and blood
To call my true love to my dance:

Then down to hell I took my way
For my true love's deliverance
And rose again on the third day
Up to my true love and the dance:

Then up to heaven I did ascend
Where now I dwell in sure substance
On the right hand of God, that man
May come unto the general dance:

© Golden Hind Music