Nantucket Point

Uncle Josiah and old Uncle Sam,
They built 'em a sloop in the shape of a clam.
     On the backside of Nantucket Point.
They got her caulked up so stout and so staunch
And when it was done she was ready to launch,
     On the backside of Nantucket Point.
Then Uncle Josiah, says he, Sam come,
We'll go up the town for a runlet of rum.
But a runlet of rum soon turned into another,
Before very long they were three sheets together,
     On the backside of Nantucket Point.

By launching time they were in for some fun
So down to the beach all the women did run,
Nancy and Polly and Prudy and Sue
And a vast many others that none could outdo,
Tabitha Bunker and Abigail Keyes,
Poor Aunt Kesiah was weak at the knees,
But mothers and daughters and sweethearts and wives
All hurried out for the time of their lives.

The sloop was launched and got under way
But Uncle soon found that the bitch would mis-stay.
So he pulled on the helm to wear her around
But when she jibed over she struck the hard ground.
Uncle Josiah was all in a fret
For fear he'd be taken in old Neptune's net,
And Uncle Josiah said he then to Sam,
For a thousand such sloops I don't give a damn.

He called for all hands to man him a boat
To take out an anchor and drag her afloat,
But Uncle Josiah did swamp her and swore
That he wished the damn vessel had rotted ashore.
But they got her into the harbor snug
Moored her safe as a bug in a rug
And Uncle Josiah he scrambled ashore
Feeling damned if he'd ever build sloops any more,
     On the backside of Nantucket Point.

© Golden Hind Music