O Bethlehem

We first encountered the Basque carol O Bethlehem in Elizabeth Postonís The Penguin Book of Christmas Carols. Verses 1 and 3 are from Poston and verse 2 was adapted from The International Book of Christmas Carols

O Bethlehem, Heavenís fair rose its bud embowering, O Bethlehem
O Bethlehem, had in thy heart its time for flowering, O Bethlehem
Was there no room for Godís own Son sheltered within a lowly manger?
Now we have room, O royal stranger, But He is gone, O Bethlehem

O Bethlehem, oíer you a brilliant star is shining, O Bethlehem
O Bethlehem, oíer you it stands with no declining, O Bethlehem
Heavenly choirs of angels sing, bringing the world glad news of a King
Round you the hills and valleys rejoicing, O Bethlehem, O Bethlehem

O Bethlehem, ancient of days, within thy story Heaven was laid
O Bethlehem, anguish must be the price of glory, for us he paid
Godís greatest gift to man was made, so to himself our gift is given
Given, ourselves, from earth to heaven, O Bethlehem, O Bethlehem

© Golden Hind Music