Old Bangum

Helen Hartness Flanders and Marguerite Olney collected this ballad (Child #18 "Sir Lionel") from Alfred Ferguson in Middlebury, VT, 1942.

Old Bangum would a-hunting ride,
Derum derum derum.
Old Bangum would a-hunting ride,
Old Bangum would a-hunting ride
With sword and pistol by his side,
Derum ki-li-ko-ko.

He rode up to the riverside
Where he a pretty maid espied.

He said, "Fair maid, will you marry me?"
"Ah no," quoth she, "For we'd never agree."

There is a wild boar in yonder wood
He'd eat your bones, he'd drink your blood.

Brave Bangum rode to the wild boar's den
Where lay the bones of a thousand men.

Brave Bangum and the wild boar fought
At set of sun the boar was naught.

He rode again to the riverside
To take that fair maid for his bride.

© Golden Hind Music