A very common song in the English tradition, especially in the South.

As I was walking down Birmingham Street
In my new scarlet jacket all neat and complete
The young girls they smiled as they passed me by
Saying one to another, There goes Rambleaway.

And as I was walking through Birmingham Fair
I spied pretty Nancy a-combing her hair
She smiled in my face and to me did say
Ain't you the young lad they call Rambleaway.

I said, Pretty Nancy, don't you smile in my face
I do not intend to stay long in this place
Then where are you going, come tell me my dear
I told her I'd ramble the Devil knows where.

When twenty-four weeks, they were over and past
This pretty young wench she grew thick round the waist
And her gown wouldn't meet nor her apron strings tie
And she longed for the sight of young Rambleaway.

So come all you young maidens, take a warning from me
When you're courting your fellows, don't be easy or free
Don't dress yourselves up and go out on the play
For it's there you may meet with young Rambleaway
     It's there you may meet with young Rambleaway.

© Golden Hind Music