Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford

Some will talk of the bold Robin Hood
     Derry derry down
And some of the barons so bold,
But I'll tell you how they servd the Bishop
When they robbed him of his gold.
     Derry down, hey, Derry derry down.

Robin Hood he dressd in shepherd's attire,
And six of his men also,
And when the Bishop he did come by
They round the fire did go.

"Oh, we are shepherds," said the bold Robin Hood.
"And keep sheep all the year
And we are resolved to make merry today
And to eat of our king's fat deer."

"You are brave fellow!" said the old Bishop,
"And the king of your doings shall know.
Therefore, make haste, come along with me,
And before the king you'll go."

Robin Hood he set his back against an oak,
And his foot against a thorn,
From underneath his shepherd's coat
He pulled his bugle-horn.

He put the small end to his mouth,
And a loud blast did he blow,
And three score and ten of bold Robin Hood's men
Come a-tripping along in a row.

"Oh, what is the matter?" said Little John,
"And why do you blow so hastily?"
"The Bishup of Hereford he has come by;
No pardon he gives me."

"Here's the Bishop," said the bold Robin Hood,
"No pardon I shall have."
"Cut off his head, master," said Little John,
"And we'll bundle him into his grave.'

The Bishop cried out, "O pardon me,
O pardon me, I pray,
If I had a-known that it had been you
I'd have gone some other way."

Robin Hood he took the Bishop by the hand
And he led him to merry Barnsdale
And he made him sup with him that night
And drink wine, beer, and ale.

"Call in the reckoning," the old Bishop said,
"For I'm sure 'tis very high."
"Give me your purse, master," said Little John,
"And I'll tell you bye and bye."

Little John he took the bishop's cloak
And he spread it on the ground
From out of the bishop's portmanteau
He pulled five hundred pound.

"There's money here enough," said the bold Robin Hood,
"'Tis a comely sight to see.
It makes me in charity with the Bishop,
In his heart he don't love me."

Little John took the Bishop by the hand,
And he caused the music to play,
And he made the old Bishop dance till he sweat,
He was glad to get away.

© Golden Hind Music