Salvation Band

Roger Watson is the author of many first-rate songs about goings-on in his native Derbyshire. SALVATION BAND was one of his earliest and Tony sings it from the heart; he was raised as a Salvationist and his father played trombone in the band. But no brass here, only concertinas.

When I was just a little kid
On a Sunday morning early
Salvation band come down our street
To make their hurly-burly
Well they all stood around in a great big ring
And started blowing cornets
And all the kids from miles around
Come a-swarming round like hornets:
     Salvation band with a big trombone
     The music fair goes through you
     With their Onward Christian Soldiers
     And their Glory Hallelujahs.

There were scores and scores and scores of kids
Perhaps there were even thirty
And goodness knows who owned them all
But they all looked filthy dirty
There were Jackson's kid from across the street
And he were a right young villain
When collection box come around to him
He made off with fifteen shillings:

Now, man as stood and waved a big stick
Looked tall as half the houses
He'd got a brand new uniform
With gold braid down his trousers
And behind him ran little Tommy Jones
With his young grey pup called Dusty
And pup must have thought that man was a tree
'Cause gold braid's gone all rusty:

Now rest didn't think band was up to much
But me, I didn't mind 'em
So when they marched off down the street
I marched off way behind 'em
Well they marched up t'other side of town
In streets I'd never been in
And they ended in the back of a public house
As my dad said I couldn't be seen in:

When policemen fetched me home that night
They'd had their dinner without me
And when my dad found out where I'd been
I knew for a fact he'd clout me
Well I got buckle end of my dad's pit-strap
And that were plenty for me
I've never followed that band again
That's the end of me story:

© Golden Hind Music