In Callao there lived a girl, and her name was Serafina
     Serafina, Serafina
She sleeps all day and works all night at the Callao Marina
     Serafina, oh Serafina.

She's the queen of all the girls that works at the old marina
She used to work for monkey nuts but now she works for vino.

Serafina's got no shoes, I've been ashore and seen her
She's got no time to put 'em on, that hard-worked Serafina.

She guzzles wine and beer and gin, on rum her mum did wean her
She smokes just like a chimney stack on a PSNC steamer.

When I was young and in my prime I first met Serafina
We did the sights of Callao and then went up to Lima.

But I was wronged, me clothes were gone, and so was Serafina
She done me brown, she sunk me down, that dirty she-hyena.

I used to love a little girl, and her name was Serafina
But she's run off with a sailor lad who plays the concertina.

© Golden Hind Music