The Miraculous Harvest

Joseph, Jesus and Mary
Were a-travelling for the west,
When Mary grew a-tired,
She might sit down and rest.

They travelled further and further,
The weather being so warm,
Until they came upon an husbandman
A-sowing of his corn.

"Come, husbandman," cried Jesus,
"Throw all your seed away,
And carry home your ripened corn
That you've been sowing this day."

"For to keep your wife and family
From sorrow, grief and pain,
Keep Christ in your remembrance
Till seed-time comes again."

By there came King Herod
With his train, so furiously,
Enquiring of the husbandman
Whether Jesus had passed by.

"Well the truth, it must be spoken,
And the truth, it must be known,
For Jesus, he passed by this way
Just as my seed was sown."

"But now I have it reapened,
And some laid in my wain,
Ready to fetch and carry
Into my barn again."

"Turn back, then," says the captain,
"Our labor's all in vain:
'Tis full three quarters of a year
Since he his seed has sown."

So Herod, he was deceived
By the work of God's own hand,
No further he proceeded
Into the Holy Land.

© Golden Hind Music