The Truth from Above

This is the text and tune from the Oxford Book of Carols [#68] edited by Percy Dearmer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Martin Shaw (Oxford University Press, 1928). The setting is from Vaughan Williams.

This is the truth sent from above
The truth of God the God of love
Therefore donít turn me from your door
But hearken well both rich and poor

The first thing which I do relate
Is that God did man create
The next thing which to you I'll tell
Woman was made with man to dwell

Thus we were heirs to endless woes
Till God the Lord did interpose
And so a promise soon did run
That He would redeem us by His Son

And at that season of the year
Our blest Redeemer did appear
He here did live and here did preach
And many thousand He did teach

Thus He in love to us behaved
To show us how we must be saved
And if you want to know the way
Be pleased to hear what he did say

© Golden Hind Music