The Wren Boys' Song

The Wren Boys' Song is Irish, from James Healy's Ballads from the Pubs of Ireland.

The wren, the wren, the king of all birds
Saint Stephen's day was caught in the furze,
We got him there as you can see,
And pasted him up on a holly tree.
     Hurrah, my boys, hurrah,
     Hurrah, my boys, hurrah.
Knock at the knocker and ring at the bell,
What will you give us for singing so well?
Singing so well, singing so well,
Give us a copper for singing so well.

I have a little box under my arm,
A penny or two will do it no harm,
Up with the kettle and down with the pot,
Give us a copper and let us be off.

On Christmas day I turned the spit,
I burned my finger, I feel it yet,
Between my finger and my thumb
There's a blister as big as a plum.

God bless the mistress and the man,
Unto your house we bring the wren,
Though he's little his family's great,
Come out, come out, and give us a treat.

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