Yangtse River Chantey

My lotus lady I'll see no more,
     Away, boys, away-o
Since I left her on the China shore.
     Away, boys, lift and walk away.
     Away, boys, away-o
     Blow me down that Yangtse River
     Away, boys, lift and walk away.

When we first met she was like a queen,
Prettiest little thing that I'd ever seen.

She'd flashing eyes and long black hair,
All I could do was stand and stare.

The sweetest flower, my Yangtse honey,
My own good gal she spent my money.

I bought her silks and a golden comb,
Trouble's over now the anchor's home.

I blowed my silver for to win her,
Now there's nothing left but pork for dinner.

We're outward bound, cookie's in the galley,
Farewell, young moon, of the Yangtse Valley.

© Golden Hind Music